Tips For Flying Into Or Out Of The Charlotte NC Airport

The Charlotte Douglas international Airport, which is located in Charlotte NC, is a relatively large airport. In fact, in terms of the number of passengers that come through the airport and its air traffic throughout the day, it ranks as the sixth busiest in the nation.

Being prepared before you fly into or out of this airport can help make the process a lot more enjoyable. If you are flying into Charlotte from another part of the country, you should think ahead and figure out what you are going to do for ground transportation after you arrive.

There are several different options. You could either rent a car from one of the many rental agencies that operate out of the airport or you can take a taxi into town. There are also several different city bus lines that run out of the airport, meaning that you can take public transportation wherever it is you need to go.

If possible, try to fit all of your belongings into a carry-on bag rather than checking your luggage. That way, you won’t have to stand around waiting for your luggage to arrive. If you do bring luggage with you, consider marking it with brightly colored tape so that it is easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

If you are flying out of the Charlotte airport, you should arrive well before your flight leaves. Going through security can take a bit of time – especially on the airport’s busiest days. It is important to allow yourself enough time to get through security and make it to your gate before your flight leaves. In this case, it is far better to err on the side of caution and arrive too early rather than arriving too late.

Also, be sure to check current TSA regulations regarding what types of items you are allowed to bring on the plane with you. If you try to bring an item that is not allowed on board, it will be confiscated at the security checkpoint. Again, this is one area where it pays to be prepared so that you don’t wind up losing any of your belongings or getting turned away before your flight.

Whether you are flying into or out of the Charlotte NC Airport, these tips should help you have a great time. On the whole, the airport itself is relatively easy to navigate, meaning that you shouldn’t have too difficult of a time finding your gate or picking up your bags.